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Femme d’Afrique

Aoua Kéita
Bamako, Mali (Original Language: French)

From Medical School in Dakar to the Maternity Clinic in Gao Upon graduating from the medical school in Dakar in 1931, I found myself in Gao (northern Mali) towards the end of December. As soon as I was notified that I would be posted to this city, considered by Bamako residents to be another world, …

Nowhere in my Father’s House

Assia Djebar
Algeria (Original Language: French)

‘THE RIPPED UP LETTER’ A ripped up letter: we are still in the village, during the first days of July 1952. It is my sixteenth summer, I believe. My father’s angry face hovers over the letter written to me by a person I do not know, a letter my father has just ripped up. I …