Begum Hasrat Mohani, Nishat al-Nisa

بیگم حسرت موہانی نشاط النساء
Unnao, Uttar Pradesh, India
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A Travel Account of Iraq and the Hijaz

Begum Hasrat Mohani, Nishat al-Nisa
Baghdad, Iraq (Original Language: Urdu)

The First Letter

Hajj Camp, Karachi

Saturday, February 1st, 1936

To my dearest Na’imah, may god preserve her from harm.[1] After reading this prayer, may you know that after taking leave from you on Wednesday we reached Delhi at nine the same evening. Our connecting train was ready and waiting; it was scheduled to leave from Delhi itself. All of our luggage and that of our companions was transferred onto the train. We left Delhi at eleven p.m. and arrived at Bathinda the following day. Here we had to change trains once more, at four. Thankfully, our carriage was detached from the first train and joined directly to the second. This spared us the arguments that would inevitably have come with getting the baggage shifted from one train to the other. We traveled through the night. Everyone was able to find a place to sleep. Then, in Samarstar,[2] we changed to another train on Thursday evening.

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