Rafat Jahan

رفعت جہان

Nothing is known about Rafat Jahan or her life. However, her name is preserved in several issues of the influential magazine for women, Tehzib al-Niswan, which was published from Delhi in the early twentieth century. In the account translated below, she offers readers of the magazine a description of a journey to a colonial hill station, Shimla.

Biography by Daniel Majchrowicz


A Tour of Shimla

Rafat Jahan
Shimla, India (Original Language: Urdu)

Part I: Today I give the descriptions of Shimla for the benefit of our sisters, who intend to come over here. We are for ten days. We took the train on Tuesday, 22 September in Bhopal. at 8’am in the morning and arrived in Kalka at 5 am the following day where the train for …