Rahil Begum Shervaniya

راحیل بیگم شروانیہ عرف بیبی راحیلہ خاتون
Aligarh, India

Rahil Begum Shervaniya was born into an influential family, the Shervani clan, in Aligarh, India in the late nineteenth century. Her life was filed with politics, educational reform, travel and migration, but also tragedy. She lost her husband at a young age, leading her first to take a pilgrimage to Mecca, and late to devote herself to social reform.

Biography by Daniel


Provisions for the Journey

Rahil Begum Shervaniya
Kamran Island (Original Language: Urdu)

At Sea It was necessary for me to take daily walks around the entire ship, for which reason I was privy to ever-new forms of spectacle. Seeing the way that my Indian brothers and sisters travel, I began to think that either these people were going to suffer greatly from the vast quantity of items …