Ruzbihan Baqli

روزبهان بقلی
Shiraz, Iran
d. 1209

Ruzbihan Baqli (d. 1209) was a Persian Sufi who lived most of his life in Shiraz. He is the author of numerous writings on mysticism, mostly in Arabic, though he wrote a number of important works in Persian.  This short excerpt from his autobiographical The Unveiling of Secrets (Kashf al-asrar) relates his spiritual awakening as recalled many years later. Ruzbihan’s memories are dominated by visions and spiritual ecstasies (“unveilings”), which he describes with considerable rhetorical power. This text, begun as a memoir, turns into an ongoing diary that chronicles his ongoing inner life.


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Biography by Carl Ernst


Kashf al-Asrar [The Unveiling of Secrets]

Ruzbihan Baqli
Shiraz, Iran (Original Language: Persian)

THE EARLY YEARS Explaining Past Experience I was fifteen years old when the beginnings of these secrets occurred in my heart. I am now fifty-five; how shall I explain to you the secrets of my unveilings, and my subtle witnessings, things that have escaped you? But I shall explain some things that were unveiled to …

Further Reading

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