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Manifestations of Light

Nur Begum
Mecca (Original Language: Panjabi)

Arrival in Jeddah
[Getting off the boat,] there was chaos and confusion all around
As everyone searched through the luggage looking for their name.
As soon as we got off the boat and set our feet on the dock
God granted us our first sight of the Arabs.
There was a stone kiosk beside the dock
With a few Arabs sitting on chairs – God!…

The Book of Life

Qaisari Begum
Medina (Original Language: Urdu)

In Medina
Now it was time for us to travel to the holy city of Medina. My heart was bursting with happiness. When the dawn of that blessed day arrived, we went down the stairs of the chambers we were staying in and waited for the car to arrive. First, we went from Mecca Mu’azzama to Jeddah Sharif.  We stored our things there.…

A Pilgrimage to the House of God and a Journey to the Land of the Beloved

Fatima Begum
Mecca, Arabia (Original Language: Urdu)

The original Urdu text corresponding to both the excerpts below and those available in the related published volume are available above.


Life Aboard Ship

Gulf of Aden, 14 March 1934: At about 10 o’clock, when I returned to my compartment from my tour of the ship, I found that there was a commotion among the ship’s passengers. It seemed that a big mail ship was passing nearby.…