Risalah Sahibiya

رسالہ صاحبیہ Translated by: Sunil Sharma, Carl Ernst. Original language: Persian
Lahore, Punjab

Jahanara Begum

Lahore, Punjab

Extract from Risala-i-Sahibiyah (1640)

Translated by Sunil Sharma


Since my twentieth year I have had a sincere resolution and firm belief in the … order of the masters of Chisht (may their secrets be sanctified) and the ring of discipleship and servitude to the guiding pir, who is the pole of the saints,    leader of the perfect sages, is marked on the ear of the soul of purity. Before this for a few years I went to Hazrat Ajmer for a pilgrimage of the illumined pure garden that Hazrat pir had and affection and servitude to him becomes focused, and increased day by day. Praiseworthy and almighty God out of his generosity and grace inspired zeal to seek the true path in my heart so that in the year 1049 A.H. [1639] I came to Lahore in the service of my great father (may God preserve his kingdom and power) on whom God almighty bestowed extreme grace of devotion, worship, and immense gratitude, the greatest happiness that his father and grandfather had been deprived of…. (page 1)


With much praise and immense gratitude to the one God almighty I have wasted my life and seeking to regain the lost honorable time to a high degree, I became fortunate from this lofty station in understanding the oneness and sated from the limpid sea of truth and the spring of gnosis. They say that the blessing of truth is the unending wealth. I hope God almighty, by way of kindness and generosity and grace, keeps me firm and straight on this just path that is the sirat al-mustaqim. May he grant complete blessing of generosity in the action, occupation and azkar that are usual in this royal honorable order. May he render the pleasure of his remembrance sweet on the palate of my soul. May he increase beyond limit the zeal for seeking him (amma nawalahu) in my sincere heart.


Hazrat—may my life be sacrificed over his name—has great affection and kindness for his disciples and followers. As a father and mother of this gentle group, especially to me he shows attention and affection beyond limit. The lofty letters that he writes to me are filled with perfect kindness and affection, and they are not without hints and points. He has written about truths and knowledge with a clear style and lucid expression that no pir has used with his disciple. I derive complete benefit and indisputable enjoyment from them. In describing truth and gnosis and with regard to influence my Hazrat Akhund sahib has no peer. This is the influence of the special glance of my king. He also often sends me tokens of his blessing. (page 11-12)